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Voici la liste de mes Bootlegs:

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The police


No Title:    1CD, Archivio   

    Live at Mont de Marsan festival: 05/08/1977.

Live in London:    1CD, Seagull Records   

    Live at Hatfield "Polytechnics": 21/02/1979.   

Laser Villians:    1CD, Royal Sound

    Live at Hatfield "Polytechnics": 21/02/1979.    

Live at Zellerbach:    1LP, Police Records 03

    Live at Berkeley "Zellerbach": 04/03/1979.   

Born in the 50's:    1CD, Great Dane Records    

    Live at "Paradise" Boston: 07/04/1979.    

    For a Few Ones!:    1CD, Buccaneer Records

Live in a west-coast small club: 1979 first USA tour.   

Crimewatch:    1CD, Big Music

    Live at "City Hall" Newcastle: 28/04/1979.    

Strikes Again:    7" record, Eagle Flight Record Company

    Live at Amsterdam "Paradiso": 01/06/1979.    

Caught in the Act:     1LP, Copeland Record        

    Live for the BBC: 26/06/1979.    

MM-14:    1LP, King Joot Records

    Live at Long Island "My Fathers Place": 02/10/1979.  

Bring on the Night:    1CD, Swinging Pig Records

    Live at Béziers "Arènes": 22/08/1980.   

Live in Paris:    1CD, Golden Stars

    Live at Béziers "Arènes": 22/08/1980.    

Au Bourget:    1LP, ??        

    Live au Bourget, France: 10/01/1982.   

From Tokyo to Chile with Excitement:    1LP, white labels

    All kinds of Rare recordings 1977-1982.    

I'd like to thanks the Beatles for lending us this Stadium:    2LP, ????

      Live at New York "Shea Stadium": 18/08/1983.    

Reunion Concert 1986:    1CD et 1LP, Swinging Pig Records

    Live at Meadowlands "Giants Stadium": 15/06/1986.   

Wrapped around the Cops:    1LP, Perfect Quality Records

     Assorted live recording (200 copies).    


Comes To Milano:    1LP, ??   

     Live at the Teatro Tenda, Milano: 06/12/1985.

    Last Session:    2LP, Vinyl Virus

Live at  "Perugia Jazz Festival": 11/07/1987.   

Covering 'em:    1CD, Octopus    

    A collection of Sting's favorites performed live.

    Sting:    1LP, BRS

A Sting compilation by BRS.   

Happy Birthday Sting:    2LP, Flashback Worldproductions

     Live at Hollywood Bowl, New York: 02/10/1991.   

Ain't no sunshine:    1CD, Hawk    

    Live in Las Vegas, Nevada: 16/05/1993.    

King of New Jersey:    1CD, EDL

      Live at the Brendan Byrne Arena: 27/02/1994.    


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