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From Tokyo to Chile with Excitements


The most unusual and rare recordings by the Police

Side A:

  1. Whispering voices    (the only single of "last exit")
  2. Truth hits everybody    (a very peculiar slow version)
  3. De do do do, de da da da    (Sting singing japanese)
  4. Too much information / When the world...    (the only time when Police played this song)
  5. No time this time.    (This song has never been played at any other concert)

Side B:

  1. Spirits in the mat. world    (live at "Vina del Mar")
  2. Th e bed's too big without you    (recorded at BBC studios)
  3. Secret journey    (this song has only been played during few concerts)
  4. 3 O' clock    (live at "Mont-de-Marsan", 6/08/77)
  5. Message in a bottle    (the opening track of their world tour 1982)
  6. Every little thing she does is magic.    (live at Milano, 4/07/82)