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Comes To Milano


Recorded Live at the Teatro Tenda, Milano on December 6th 1985

        Side A:

  1. Shadows In The Rain
  2. Driven To TearsCosider Me Gone
  3. the Children's Crusade
  4. One World/Love In The 7th Wave

        Side B:

  1. Bring On The Night
  2. When The World Is Running Down
  3. We Work The Black Seam
  4. Another Day
  5. Moon Over Bourbon Street
  6. Fortress Around Your Heart
  7. I Burn For You

        Side C:

  1. Drum Solo
  2. If You Love Somebody Set Them Free
  3. Roxanne
  4. Sting And Clapton Boogie

        Side D:

  1. Tea In The Sahara
  2. Every Breath You Take
  3. Need Your Love So Bad
  4. The Dream Of The Blue Turtles
  5. Message In A Bottle